Beautiful, striking images which really get under the skin of your business.

I help you to tell your story with authenticity using a creative yet natural photographic approach. 

Our world is incredibly visual and on every level we buy into things- products, services, beliefs- that we see as credible. Images tell us so much in an instant. I am an expert in creating unique, exquisite photographs which communicate faster and in more depth than words can, your vision and your values. I create the images which can elevate your brand message across multiple platforms.

It’s my job to understand what makes you, you, then take that brilliance and put images together that show that individuality to the world. I do that with striking, confident, unique images which embody what you do. So you can build your tribe, a loyal community around your brand.

I get my creative energy from working with people who have great pride in what they do.  If that’s you, let’s talk.

We initially approached Jo to do our photography as a business - Outdoor Cleghorn. She was extremely professional from the beginning and true to the creative process. We were asked to complete a briefing document which was really useful as it made us think about what kind of image we wanted. She was not only prompt and organised, but also committed to the project. She visited us at our site and spent most of the day taking photos, making people feel at ease and capturing the moment. As our photos were of children, Jo was keen to make sure everything was above board and consent forms were submitted. I have since approached Jo to do another project of my own and she has handled it with care and sensitivity. It really matters to get a photo right.
— Lauren Eliot-Lockhart, Director, Outdoor Cleghorn

Previous commercial clients include


Once you commission me, the process of the shoot is highly collaborative. 

Before a camera comes into the room, it is critical to me to understand what it is that makes you unique, what do you want your audience to feel, what is important to you.

When I then come to shoot we are working together- your company, skills and knowledge- with my expertise with light, cameras and imagery.  We’ll spend half a day together and dare I say it- it'll be enjoyable too. Giving you fresh eyes on your work and the things that are unique to you. 

I’ll deliver a collection of photos to you which are optimised for both screens and print which are yours to use as you need.


Every small business is unique. Contact me with your brief/thoughts/goals so that we can work out what you need and I can quote from there.