Gorgeous, Properly English Wedding // Nicola and Tim

If I had to pick one of the many things that I love most about my job it would be meeting brilliant people and having them let me into their lives, even if it's just for one day, to capture all the moments, emotions and everything in between. To Nicola and Tim- thank you for letting me in. 

Nicola getting ready was beautifully cinematic- suspended in time.  The service held at their church -hugely personal.  Tim's wicked sense of humour resulted in everyone dropping their guard and the resulting 'formal' photos were of real joy and laughter.  How many weddings can you say you've been to where the Groom and Best Man hide in the hedge? Having said that, everything about this day was so classically, beautifully English... an England as it should be. English in the best sense of the word. 

It was a day about love, faith, friendships and so many laughs.  Here is a little snippet of this English joy.