Irreverence. Laughter. Sheer joy. And sometimes boredom: Kids at Weddings.

When I've got my mum and wedding guest 'hat' on, I kick my heels with glee when I'm told my kids aren't invited to a friend's wedding- time to have actual conversations and party with the best of them!  As a photographer some of my most beloved spontaneous moments come from the children at weddings. Doing what they shouldn't. Irreverence. Laughter. Sheer joy. And sometimes boredom. 

There isn't a clear cut line between whether you 'should' or 'shouldn't' (oh heck, it's your day- there's no right answer, and do what you'll enjoy) but some of the best weddings I've shot, the planning has thought of their inherent boredom after 15 minutes of sitting still and inventively found ways of entertaining them - not hoping they'll see the fairytale magic of your day (they won't... but they'll bring their own magic)- but a table of games or hula hoops and balls and stickers and a snack table and space for kids of all ages (and grown up kids) to gad about.   Check out Pinterest on this matter. But for now, as a little bit of children at weddings... here are some of the ones who can't help but raise a smile.