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10 Photos on the Importance of Mud (and Tree Climbing)

When was the last time you forgot yourself? Became (and believed you were) a tiger/horse/bird? Built dams, dens and mud slides? Climbed trees and had no plans?

Experimented fully in the nature of things? The oozy properties of mud? Or forgot how icy the Scottish streams are in spring and galoshed around in one- intent on another goal, known only to you. Time immaterial.

(I’ll admit to being a little later than most in my childhood- I was still pretending to be an Olympic dressage horse age 12... mortified when people saw me doing my collected canter around my school’s playing fields but mostly lost in my own world.)

Outdoor Cleghorn is the kind of place where this magic transcendence happens. A camp where the grown-ups plan nothing for the kids who attend. Where nothing but everything happens. Full of that beautiful simplicity of woodland to make into your own world. 

Set up Lauren and Alex Elliott Lockhart- two educators who have put it together in their ‘spare time’ - as well as raising two young children. You know - those inspiring people who make things happen, no matter what.

Last year, Alex was invited to talk at TedX Basel about the love, skill and knowledge that they have and apply there- an uplifting talk to make you think and smile.

When it was all becoming ‘official’ I was commissioned to photograph the imaginary worlds and translate some of that magic into images and communicate that to us, adults- to help us to reconnect with that beautiful transient, valuable perfect time of childhood.  A world away from a fast, consumerist society that we regularly inhabit.  A chance to stop and connect with yourself. But only if you’re a child. I love working with them: their enthusiasm for what they do is contagious. Being in this magical woodland in Lanarkshire made me desperately want to be a child again just for this reason... I have formally requested that camps which include us adults are factored in to their expansion plans. Lauren's kind words about what I do are here- on my business page. 

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