Flowers and sheep

On the calendar it should be Spring- it’s April. But the snow was lying thick this morning and the winter seems fairly relentless-  like an unwelcome distant relative outstaying their welcome.  But there are signs that it is getting it's coat at last and it's beautiful, hopeful counterpart will come knocking... and they are here below.

This is a project which follows the story of love. But I’m not talking about weddings… or I am… but not in the normal ‘I’ve photographed your wedding’ photos and here they are (which I do love doing - it’s my job)… This is a story about a wedding in July- a wedding still being made. And the love and hope (because weddings are all about promises full of hope) and skill that’s already going into making that day utterly beautiful.

And it starts now.  That bouquet which she will clutch… is being sown now. Grown deep in the Scottish Borders.  I joined Paula Baxter, cultivating British grown flowers at Millpond Flower Farm, and plan to each month, to chart the seeds that will be nurtured by her, to become the beautiful bouquet woven by Rachael Scott at Hedgerow, to become a symbolic element of that momentous day which marks the start of a new family- two people making promises to each other and beginning their official history together.  

I wanted to work with Rachael and Paula, because of the beauty of what they make/ grow and create. Also because of the element of just using British flowers- grown not flown. Not perfect sterile clones from Kenya or Peru via Holland's auction houses, available all year round, identically overbred. Instead flowers cut on Thursday from 50 miles away, driven up the road by Paula, the season dictating what is available, delicate, fresh and full of life. Rachael working with their shape to create something unique. 

It’s a chapter in story I have wanted to tell with my camera- the stories behind weddings… because SO much happens behind the scenes with skill and planning which we never get to see. And this captures a little bit of the magic that maybe that lion will roar in sunshine and warmth with it soon…