Conversations on Adventure 1: Clem Cocquet

I first met Clem on the beach in Portobello. She and Anna from WanderWomen had met there with their boys on a rather ‘Scottish’ day. They had both built a fire and the kids had collected bladderwrack seaweed and were putting it on the fire to make natural squibs… popping away. I was with my two much smaller children and it was captivating us all.  

It was as the first ScapaFest (a yoga, adventure festival on the banks of a loch on the west coast of Scotland) was taking place … an idea in Clem’s mind that was being pushed into reality. I was there at the first year (Year 2 has just happened) and it was phenomenal to see the event that we’d talked about on that bleak afternoon come to life in such a beautiful, magical but well organised way.  

Clem is a gentle, strong French woman and it’s been lovely to have a window into her mind through this interview.  Without further ado, this is our conversation on adventure.  


NameClemence Cocquet


OccupationFestival Director

You can find her on instagram at @scapafest


What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure for me is navigating my edge. 

It’s honouring the ever changing boundary between the me who nurtures the land by growing edible plants and vegetables and looking after my children, and the me that has a fundamental need to explore further & deeper every time. 

Adventure is my vessel for deep connection with my environment and myself. Without it, I grow uninspired. With it, I elevate and elevate others around it. 

Sometimes I go far, sometimes I stay close. Adventure is as much an inner journey than an exterior one. 

The beauty of adventure is in its intention. 

As I set out with a full bag or with just my hands in my pockets, how connected I am with the world and myself is what fuels it. 


What is your best memory of an adventure? 

So many! But solo cycling 972km in the Westfjords of Iceland was the most transformative. 


What is on your adventure bucket list? 

Crossing the US coast to coast with my children. 

Kayaking in Norway.

Long distance walking in Scotland.

Walking to my partner’s Croft on the Isle of Mull from my house in Glasgow. 

Sailing round the world!

Making more and more things from scratch.

Foraging all year round. 

ScapaFest: yoga and adventure set amidst the lochs and mountains of Scotland’s west coast.

ScapaFest: yoga and adventure set amidst the lochs and mountains of Scotland’s west coast.

Is there any advice you could give to someone who would like to begin having adventures but hasn’t yet begun? 

Just start.

It honestly doesn’t matter how far, extreme or exceptional you think adventure needs to be. Adventure starts the same for all of us: a step out of the door with the intention to try something new.

Start with something that excites you deeply. For that, you need to listen to that inner voice inside you.

And then surround yourself with people for whom it’s a way of life. Let them guide you first, and then, as you grow more confident, guide yourself further. 
— Clem