Podcast Interview - Work in Progress

A couple of months ago (I’m playing catch up!) I was interviewed for the Work In Progress podcast. It’s a podcast made for everyone who wants to make space in their lives for doing what they love.

Somewhat surprisingly for someone (me) who doesn’t naturally take to public speaking, I enjoyed this conversation with Mona and Eva and it felt very natural despite deviating from my usual conversation topics and being front and centre …!

work in progress podcast

In case you’re not sure if you want to devote your time to this… Here’s a run down of what we cover in approximate order!

A rather diverse career path! … from floristry to deep sea researcher

My ethos that governs all of this: You only have one life - you’ve got to make the most of it!

Photography (of course!) being a continuous curiosity- and how you can improve - and amazing photographers to watch

Tribe Women and finding a close supportive business network

Motherhood- and the transition can be amazing for your career

Anyway, I’d love it if you’d have a listen here and do get in touch if you have any feedback.