5 lessons from the Scottish Portrait Awards

It feels quite surreal to have one of my images selected as one of the best photographic portraits in the country. My photo is one I took in the sea on the eve of International Women’s Day (7 March) when the sea is at it’s coldest. Adventurer, Lindsey Cole, was cycling into town and a swim had been organised at sunset. It was a stormy day with waves in the normally flat calm of Portobello beach. Between then and now, I’ve learned a lot…

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Raucous laughter at a summertime Scottish country wedding // Sam and Ran

There is generally a theme to Scottish country weddings in summertime... and that's the weather. It will bucket it down. And there will be glorious sunshine.  And then, later on there will be wild dancing.  As long as you respect that, then your day will be wonderful. 

At Sam and Ran's you'll see the rivers in the roads and the amazing sunshine at the reception deep in the Scottish Borders. Sam's dad shipped up his lovingly restored Austin specially for the day. The rain poured as guests went into the marquee... yet by time the service was over, the sun had broken through the clouds and the weather joined the party.  It was a day filled with raucous laughter and tenderness. And a human pyramid at midnight.