Caroline and Monty: Timeless Beautiful Wedding in the Scottish Borders

This wedding was a classic.  Set deep in the Scottish Borders- somewhere on a single track road near Hawick but where Google Street View doesn't go... on the edge of a steep valley- like all the country has been laid at your feet.  Properly magical: the wedding of Caroline and Monty. 

This wedding transcends themes and fashions and will be just as beautiful in 20 years and a hundred years. 

The day's leading up to the service were scorchers... 30 degrees... unheard of in Scotland. But BBC Weather threatened black clouds and lightning. 

The service was in a tiny, one aisle kirk - packed eight to a pew, bursting in song and excitement, paper fans beating. And yet to Caroline and Monty at the front, oblivious to their bursting church- focused just on them and the vows they were taking to mark the beginning of a new story- the story of them. 

Then we all bundled out and headed to top of the valley up that single track switch back- as the storm blew in. So everyone dashed into the marquee and forgot about personal space- ice breakers! And just as quickly, the storm blew out and the party began.  We took a walk through the dripping woodlands and found a childhood swing. Later there were cartwheels and mischief and huge amounts of laughter.  Proper storybook magic of the best and uncontrived kind. The kind you can't plan for and just need to let the magic happen. 

Here is a wee window into their world. 

Raucous laughter at a summertime Scottish country wedding // Sam and Ran

There is generally a theme to Scottish country weddings in summertime... and that's the weather. It will bucket it down. And there will be glorious sunshine.  And then, later on there will be wild dancing.  As long as you respect that, then your day will be wonderful. 

At Sam and Ran's you'll see the rivers in the roads and the amazing sunshine at the reception deep in the Scottish Borders. Sam's dad shipped up his lovingly restored Austin specially for the day. The rain poured as guests went into the marquee... yet by time the service was over, the sun had broken through the clouds and the weather joined the party.  It was a day filled with raucous laughter and tenderness. And a human pyramid at midnight.