You want photos that tell the story of your unique wedding day. You don’t want cheesy, generic wedding photos and you don’t know where to find that photographer - how do you google that? You don’t want to spend the day as if you were on a posed photoshoot. You don’t like having your photo taken, but you do want a record of the amazing people who you’ve brought together; people that you love. You want to remember how it felt to be there, on that momentous day, and to be able to look back and relive it.

This is a 9 step guide which has simple actions you can take to make your photos authentic to who you are as a couple without the distraction and hype of wedding mania. It transforms the process from start to finish so you know what to look out for and what you’re in charge of… Ultimately, it let’s you relax in the knowledge that it’s all taken care of and you will have a beautiful photographic story of your wedding.

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