I photograph life and people. And weddings - which are some of the best celebrations of people and life there are!

A beautiful set of photographs should tell a story - a collection of moments that hang together and amount to something magical, something words cannot begin to convey.

Portraits of me by the lovely Anna Deacon Photography

Portraits of me by the lovely Anna Deacon Photography

My love of photography comes from a deep-rooted curiosity. Beautiful, memorable photography is, I think, part science - shutter speeds, f-stops, ISOs - and part chaotic art - capturing the magic of people coming together and the unplanned moments they create together, the instant before they might be lost.

My work is inspired by a wide variety of influences, from the painterly flow and deep shade of the Renaissance paintings, to the vivid urgency of life that street photography captures, and the graphic boldness of colour of wax print fabric.

As well as these visual influences, the many places I’ve lived and and people I’ve met along the way have all impacted my approach to my work and life.

I grew up in South Africa, where I didn't wear shoes until I was seven - as a teenager, it was tough adjusting to the cold, dark winters of the UK. Since then I’ve been a marine biologist in rugged northern California, put on elephant polo tournaments in India, taught 28 six year olds in Malawi, and sold craft beer in Tokyo. 

My adventures have left me with with a love of exploring all sorts of places and the life that’s possible there - I’ll happily take on commissions far and wide.

I’ve now made a unconventional seaside town in Edinburgh my home - and taken on a ‘project’ of a house as my family grows. I love welding and swimming in the North Sea. I love good wine and growing my own cut flowers. 

If you have a wedding, event, or project you’d like to discuss, give me a call on 07738004690 or drop me a line and let’s arrange a time to meet and talk more.